Crock Pot Chicken Rice

2 chicken drumsticks amp; 2 chicken wings( cut into 4 pieces each, marinated with salt pepper and oyster sauce)
1 cup of shitake mushrooms ( soaked in a a bit of cooking oil and hot water then slice the mushrooms to yur desire size)
1 cup of rice grain( soaked in a a cup of water and add in bit of salt and pepper,1 tablespoon of cooking oil,2 tablespoon oyster sauce,1 teaspoon of black thick soya sauce, soaked for 5 minutes
1 cup of chicken stock.


Prepare your crock pot ( medium size enough to cook one cup of rice)
Pour in the soak rice together with the liquid that soak the rice.
Pour in the chicken then mushrooms.
Pour in the chicken stock.
Then cook on high fire for first 5 minutes then slow fire till the rice is cooked.

Then you can serve the rice and serve with come cut chillis and some prawn crackers.


Writen by Poachers

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