Genius HS-04V: Inexpensive Gaming Headset to Fit Your Budget

Video games and gaming headsets are tremendously popular. Playing a challenging video game after a long and stressful day can prove to be relaxing. However, you can’t choose a cheap gaming headset that will not enhance the experience. You must choose one that will make you forget that you are playing a game. It has to have excellent sound quality and a comfortable fit. The Genius HS-04V is just what you need to bring your gaming pleasure to the next level. You will not have to go off budget by purchasing this gaming headset because it is quite affordable. The Genius HS-04V has easy to control volume navigation, an open air design for a comfortable fit, a gooseneck microphone, and can be easily used for voice chatting, gaming, or even music. This versatile gaming headset can perform many tasks for one low price. You will not have to venture out into the world of the overly priced. Purchasing this gaming headset will not leave you disappointed or dissatisfied. Even after a couple of hours, you can still wear them comfortably without them having a bulky feel.

This device comes fully equipped with an inline remote that will simply control the bass vibration and the speaker volume. Listening to your favorite tunes will be an enjoyable experience. Having that wonderful bass play in each of your ears will make you forget where you are physically. The sound quality is phenomenal and very clear. The Genius HS-04V also does a marvelous job with the sounds of video games. You will be able to conveniently hear every bang or boom throughout your video gaming. Speaking to others on the microphone will also be a simple task. Your voice will be projected in a clear and crisp manner without excess background noises.

The comfort level of the Genius HS-04V are a huge benefit. Your ears will be securely cupped and free from outside noises. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy your music or video games in peace. After a few hours, you will quickly forget that you have them on. The cushioned cup that surrounds both ears are unusually soft and sturdy. You will not have to worry about breaking this gaming headset easily.

Anyone in the market for a very affordable, but well functioning gaming headset will appreciate the Genius HS-04V. They have excellent features that make them a smart buy. You will not have to spend tons of hard earned cash because the price can fit virtually any budget. Buying this gaming headset for a video game fanatic or avid music listener would be a wonderful idea. They would definitely love using this device on a regular basis for an enjoyable multimedia experience.