Couscous The Wonderful Alternative to Rice, Noodles, Potatoes or Pasta

I think very few people haven’t by now heard of couscous, the Moroccan pasta. Most are probably more familiar with the instant kind that only takes about five minutes to cook up. Nowadays, there are a number or brands of these instant types of couscous that can come in a variety of flavors. One of the leading companies for instant couscous is Near East and is the brand I became familiar with years ago. Near East not only has the original plain flavor, but now also have Roasted Garlic amp; Olive Oil, Herbed Chicken, Toasted Pine Nut, Mediterranean Curry, Parmesan, Tomato Lentil, Broccoli amp; Cheese, and Wild Mushroom amp; Herb. What a fantastic choice! I don’t exactly know just when I thought of eating couscous but I did so many, many years ago, when I first began cooking in earnest about thirty years ago. Since I was always interested in trying anything new, I remember having come across a wonderful recipe for lamb that is braised in a delicious tomato and beef stock, and then just before serving to add sour cream. The recipe recommended serving this lamb dish on a “bed” of couscous, which frankly at the time I never even had heard of before. So I began looking up just what couscous was, and how it was prepared.

People now have the convenience of those instant brands of couscous that cook no longer than five minutes, however the more traditional way, is a lot more time consuming. First of all, couscous isn’t just a Moroccan dish, but is served in most North African countries, such as Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, as well as Egypt, however it’s popularity has now spread nearly worldwide.

Just how far back couscous was eaten is anyone’s guess, but it is first mentioned in a 13th century Hispano-Muslim cookbook, which name translates into English as “The Book of Cooking”, one suspects though that the origins and consumption of this granular type pasta goes back even further.(1) Couscous itself is a granular pasta made of semolina wheat and has the look of course raw sugar.

The traditional way of cooking couscous is a lot more involved than the easy instant five minute kind. First what one has to do is moisten the couscous. Ideally one takes about a cup of couscous, places it in a bowl then add two or three cups of water to the bowl of couscous, then simply using your fingers, stir the couscous around for a few minutes, then in a fine mesh sieve, pour the couscous and water into the sieve to drain the excess water. One then has to place the couscous on something like a cookie sheet and spread the couscous evenly on the sheet and make sure of removing any lumpy qualities and quite literally separate each grain of couscous. In order for all the water to absorb and soak into the couscous, one has to allow at least ten minutes to make each grain of couscous swell up.

Unlike the instant kinds of couscous, the traditional way of cooking one never adds water to the cooking process itself for couscous, but is instead steamed. Prior to the newer couscous cookers which are now made out of stainless steel and are known as the couscoussi√©re, older cookers were made out of glazed earthenware then later copper. The entire couscous cooker comes in two parts…the top part is the section where one places the couscous to steam, while underneath, one would cook either a broth or stew, usually a lamb type stew, that would be served with the couscous. The idea of steaming the couscous this way allowed for the flavors of the broth or stew to saturate into the couscous itself, adding flavor to it, since couscous is rather plain tasting.

After the couscous has swollen up, one can then put the couscous into the top part of the couscous cooker and steam for about twenty minutes. Believe it or not, one has to remove the steamer part and place the couscous in a large shallow pan, and separate the grains once more to get rid of any lumpiness then add about a cup of water, again stirring the couscous grains to separate, then dump on that cookie sheet again and spread it evenly and allow to dry for another ten minutes. Finally replace the couscous into the steamer part of the couscous cooker and allow to steam again for another twenty to thirty minutes.

My goodness! Aren’t you glad we don’t have to go through all this to cook couscous anymore if we don’t want to? I did however, give the instructions of how to cook couscous the traditional should you ever feel you would like to cook it in this manner. I do provide links to websites that do show step by step instructions on how to prepare couscous the traditional way for those of you who wish to do so.

As mentioned, when couscous was prepared the traditional way in the couscous cooker, it was often steamed with a stew in the bottom part of the cooker, and since most Middle Eastern or North African countries eat more lamb, the stew was usually some type of lamb dish. The beauty of couscous however, is that almost any meal can be prepared to go very well and be served with couscous.

For those who want the quicker way of preparing couscous, that is by using the five minute instant types, such as Near East, I recommend only using the Original Plain variety when making any kind of stews. Back when I first decided to have couscous for that braised lamb dish some thirty or so years ago, Near East’s Original Flavor was the only one available, which was just as well. Any flavored kind of couscous one can get, would take away from the taste of a hearty and seasoned stew, whether lamb, or beef. Besides a regular type of beef stew I serve with couscous, I have found it works wonderfully well with the French dish that I often make, Boeuf Bourguignon which is a very hearty beef-type stew made with dry red wine instead of beef stock. The absolutely delicious flavor of Boeuf Bourguignon would be totally lost if one were to use any one of the flavored brands of couscous.

The flavored types of couscous will add a special touch however to any other meal, even a holiday meal. Instead of using rice, noodles, potatoes or any regular type of pastas, have couscous instead. Having a fried chicken dinner? Why not use the Near Eastern Herbed Chicken or Mediterranean Curry couscous. Serve Parmesan or Roasted Garlic amp; Olive Oil flavored couscous with Chicken Parmesan. For that Thanksgiving dinner, instead of having the usual stuffing as a side dish for that turkey meal, why not try the Broccoli amp; Cheese or Wild Mushroom amp; Herb flavored couscous. These flavored brands of Near East couscous can not only be a fresh new way to make any poultry dinner special, but can also be used as a delightful side dish, for any pork, beef or even fish dinners. For instance, I just love the taste of the Toasted Pine Nut couscous with my special Salmon Steak with Julienne Strips of Leek and Carrots with a White Wine sauce.

Since thankfully, no one has to prepare couscous the traditional way unless one wants to, most instant brands of couscous only takes five minutes to prepare, all one has to do is follow the instructions given on the box, but basically one boils one cup of water in a saucepan, add about a tablespoon of of butter, then add the couscous…turn the flame off and cover saucepan and let sit for five minute, then “fluff” up by stirring it up with a fork.

If all of this cooking sounds very tedious and time consuming, you can use your brand new RICE COOKER! If you haven’t heard of one then look at they have some more information! This could save you lots of time and make it a much quicker process.

As you can see using couscous, whether the plain or flavored types can truly make any meal just a little more special and a great change from the usual rice, noodles, potatoes or even pasta. So if you’ve never had couscous before I highly recommend it for that next meal of yours.

Crock Pot Chicken Rice

2 chicken drumsticks amp; 2 chicken wings( cut into 4 pieces each, marinated with salt pepper and oyster sauce)
1 cup of shitake mushrooms ( soaked in a a bit of cooking oil and hot water then slice the mushrooms to yur desire size)
1 cup of rice grain( soaked in a a cup of water and add in bit of salt and pepper,1 tablespoon of cooking oil,2 tablespoon oyster sauce,1 teaspoon of black thick soya sauce, soaked for 5 minutes
1 cup of chicken stock.


Prepare your crock pot ( medium size enough to cook one cup of rice)
Pour in the soak rice together with the liquid that soak the rice.
Pour in the chicken then mushrooms.
Pour in the chicken stock.
Then cook on high fire for first 5 minutes then slow fire till the rice is cooked.

Then you can serve the rice and serve with come cut chillis and some prawn crackers.


Bunn GRX-B 10-Cup Coffee Maker: Coffee Shop Style Brewing at Home or Work

For everyday home or office use the Bunn GRX-B 10-Cup Coffee Maker does a very good job with its basic functions that are easy to operate. If you are new to the coffee brewing world, this is the coffee maker to start out with. Its buttons and all other functions are placed right where you can see quickly identify them. Since you will be brewing coffee for yourself and others, the Bunn GRX-B 10-Cup Coffee Maker will help a beginner learn what they are doing wrong with the comments from people in the office. The Bunn GRX-B 10-Cup Coffee Maker brews coffee similar to coffee you may have tasted in fine restaurants and famous coffee shops worldwide. When you transition from a beginner at brewing over to a close-to-professional you will notice when you’re spending money at these places that theirs taste similar to the cup you brewed this morning. The Bunn GRX-B 10-Cup Coffee Maker will help you to stop spending money at these places and brew your coffee at home and enjoy it just as much.

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You can brew the ten cups the Bunn GRX-B 10-Cup Coffee Maker promises in less than five minutes. That’s commercial level brewing right in your home kitchen or office. I generally arrive at work about five to ten minutes before everyone else, and by the time everyone arrives inside the coffee from the Bunn GRX-B 10-Cup Coffee Maker is done brewing. With a quick swap of a new filter and another batch of coffee grounds, a second pot is ready, all within ten minutes!

Keeping the Bunn GRX-B 10-Cup Coffee Maker clean is fairly simple. All it requires is a quick wipe down with a damp towel on the outside of it and all other removable parts can be placed in a dishwasher or hand washed like any other dish. To clean the main part of the machine that can’t be placed in water, I run hot water through the Bunn GRX-B 10-Cup Coffee Maker with a sanitizing solution just as a place of business would do daily.

I recommend the Bunn GRX-B 10-Cup Coffee Maker for large families that consume a lot of coffee and offices where everyone likes to start their day with at least one cup of coffee. We all pitched in to purchase the Bunn GRX-B 10-Cup Coffee Maker for $90 months ago online and we have already received our money’s worth since then. Some of our folks even use it to fix a cup on the way home to prevent stopping by those expensive coffee shops since the taste is exactly the same or better, depending on who brewed it.

Genius HS-04V: Inexpensive Gaming Headset to Fit Your Budget

Video games and gaming headsets are tremendously popular. Playing a challenging video game after a long and stressful day can prove to be relaxing. However, you can’t choose a cheap gaming headset that will not enhance the experience. You must choose one that will make you forget that you are playing a game. It has to have excellent sound quality and a comfortable fit. The Genius HS-04V is just what you need to bring your gaming pleasure to the next level. You will not have to go off budget by purchasing this gaming headset because it is quite affordable. The Genius HS-04V has easy to control volume navigation, an open air design for a comfortable fit, a gooseneck microphone, and can be easily used for voice chatting, gaming, or even music. This versatile gaming headset can perform many tasks for one low price. You will not have to venture out into the world of the overly priced. Purchasing this gaming headset will not leave you disappointed or dissatisfied. Even after a couple of hours, you can still wear them comfortably without them having a bulky feel.

This device comes fully equipped with an inline remote that will simply control the bass vibration and the speaker volume. Listening to your favorite tunes will be an enjoyable experience. Having that wonderful bass play in each of your ears will make you forget where you are physically. The sound quality is phenomenal and very clear. The Genius HS-04V also does a marvelous job with the sounds of video games. You will be able to conveniently hear every bang or boom throughout your video gaming. Speaking to others on the microphone will also be a simple task. Your voice will be projected in a clear and crisp manner without excess background noises.

The comfort level of the Genius HS-04V are a huge benefit. Your ears will be securely cupped and free from outside noises. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy your music or video games in peace. After a few hours, you will quickly forget that you have them on. The cushioned cup that surrounds both ears are unusually soft and sturdy. You will not have to worry about breaking this gaming headset easily.

Anyone in the market for a very affordable, but well functioning gaming headset will appreciate the Genius HS-04V. They have excellent features that make them a smart buy. You will not have to spend tons of hard earned cash because the price can fit virtually any budget. Buying this gaming headset for a video game fanatic or avid music listener would be a wonderful idea. They would definitely love using this device on a regular basis for an enjoyable multimedia experience.

Grilling The FOOD

You can readily cook a steak, become cornbread, scramble eggs, or become grilled sandwiches all on the exact same product. When you grill a toasted sandwich working with a traditional oven you put the sandwich under the heat resource.¬†Because of this, you won’t ever make an undercooked or overcooked sandwich. If you’re cooking the full sandwich in 3 minutes, you’re using too high of a temperature. It has all you need to be amazing sandwiches.

Should you be making more than 1 sandwich at a time you ought to use an even bigger pan. Additionally, this sandwich is easy and user friendly especially for beginner cook. It is quite user friendly even for people who just make sandwich for the very first time, and you’ll get hooked on making sandwich with this machine because of simple and quick clean design. After all, it’s a cheese sandwich. Now, HERE IS THE key to a great grilled cheese sandwich!

Merely one of the absolute most irritating issues with respect to producing a sandwich is it may sometimes get so untidy in regards to stuffing the ingredients. With a large 11.5 in. by 9 in. grilling surface, individuals should not have any trouble grilling numerous sandwiches or pork chops at once. Soon enough, you will have a significant liking for these Italian breads, which usually means you will also need to get a Panini maker.

Grilling is a cooking method that has for ages been employed throughout the world on account of the distinct kind of flavor it gives different food items. Because a sandwich grill has a foldable top, you’re assured your sandwiches are grilled evenly on either side. There are various kinds of sandwich grills offered on the market today. Nearly all grills are created with a non-stick surface, so that you may cook with minimal or no additional fat. For around an identical price, you may choose the whole Chef 4-in-1 Grill, which is smaller but includes the exact same features as the 3-in-1 griddle in addition to a grill. There’s absolutely no griddle or frying pan to cope with.

Sandwich toasters are extremely inexpensive. Actually, many sandwich toasters are less costly than a griddle. If you’re seeking the ideal toaster oven and sandwich makers, wide selection of choices is offered on the market. Toasters are commonly used nowadays. As can be observed with any other sort of item or commodity, there are definitely several kinds of red toasters offered on the market. So make sure that you buy a toaster that will make it possible for you an assortment of functions made to permit you like a great toasting experience.

Most waffle makers include control knobs that let you to pick the quantity of browning for your batch of waffles. At an extremely inexpensive selling price, this sandwich maker is a premium quality machine. It’s simple to acquire numerous distinct varieties of sandwich makers on the market currently. These days, you can get an electric sandwich maker. Finding the best sandwich maker in India might not be a simple undertaking for many.

Benefits Of Consuming Juices

The benefits might be increased in the event the juice is combined with other raw vegetables and fruits. There are a number of added benefits of juicing for weight reduction. There are a number of different advantages, and therefore, it is quite popular among individuals of all ages. There have been a lot of studies on this popular fruit, and all have produced many benefits as a result of its lycopene-rich nature.

As a dedicated vegetarian, you’re well attentive to the advantages of eating fruits and vegetables daily. The advantages of fruit juice isn’t a new concept for us. The advantages of cherry juice can likewise be reaped by men and women afflicted by heart issues. As you have observed, the advantages of tomato juice are not just restricted to maintaining excellent health, but it’s an exemplary treat for the skin too.

Prune juice is full of fiber, however its difficult to extract therefore we recommend getting the best juicer 2017 to help you. While there are many approaches to earn lemongrass juice, step one is not uncommon to all, i.e., preparing lemongrass. Drinking lemongrass juice on a normal basis is a simple means to advertise body detoxification in the pure means.

Carrot juice is a pure juice and is believed to help improve vision because of the creation of vitamin A within the body. It is mostly associated with reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. It has good amount of iron, which helps reduce the severity of symptoms.

Grape juice consists of many kinds of antioxidants. It can be a pleasant variation from your usual glass of orange juice in the morning. Then you get your grape fruit juice, to attain a cup of fruit you require several grapes.

The juice can be found in many juice bars and wellness stores. Juice of tomato is additionally an amazing remedy to get rid of unsightly blackheads (comedones). The juice of tomato comprises a higher proportion of nutrients that are helpful for the skin. This juice is great for your wellness. It’s likewise present inside this juice and is believed to enhance the creation of white blood cells. Aloe vera juice for losing weight is followed by a great deal of individuals.

Pomegranate juice is full of antioxidants and may be used to take care of various health issues such as diarrhea, piles, constipation, intestinal worms, anemia, cough, etc.. Additionally, learning creative approaches to blend spinach juice with different fruits and vegetables will not just enhance the flavor, but nevertheless, it will add valuable vitamins, minerals along with pack a potent punch of nutritional value to your meals. Cucumber juice isn’t just a all-natural juice, it’s additionally a nutritious juice for the body. Vegetables juices are simple to carry to office and simple to make also. They contain relatively small amount of fiber, but as they are easy to take in, one can increase its consumption.

The best thing of juices is there is no fat content within them. Consuming more juice is not going to mean plenty of weight reduction. For that reason, it ought to be combined with other all-natural juices.